The full-scale hypnosis voice masturbation version exclusively for gay men English version has been completed.

Hypnosis voice for masturbation is finally complete!

There has never been a voice for hypnotic masturbation for gay men, and we had received requests from more people than a few years ago.

After all, voice alone was more difficult than face-to-face, and it took me a long time to try and error on how to get more people to experience a positive effect.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is finally completed, so please use it.

Voices for hypnotic masturbation are available now.

This voice is for gay hypnotic masturbation by gay men.
Of course, it includes expressions such as making nipples and anal feel good for gay men, but it does not mean that straight men should not use it, so please be assured.

If anything, full-fledged content that doesn’t exist much for straights includes sexual pleasure content that isn’t for straights, such as nipples and anal.
Therefore, it is recommended for straight people who want to enjoy full-scale hypnotic masturbation.

By listening to this voice, you will enter a deep and deep hypnotic state, and you will be able to enjoy the most pleasant masturbation that is different from usual.

When you go into hypnosis, your consciousness may become dull and you may feel as if you were just falling asleep.
It will give you a very pleasant sensation.

Also, hypnotic states are not unusual.
These conditions are actually hypnotic, such as forgetting time when you are absorbed in TV or movies, or not immediately noticing when someone calls your name when you are focused.

As long as you are human, you are in a hypnotic state many times every day.
Hypnotic voice artificially guides you to this hypnotic state, and by artificially guiding you, you can lead to a deeper hypnotic state than usual.
The deeper the hypnosis state, the more open the unconsciousness becomes, and the implications such as increased sexual pleasure show the effect, and a very pleasant experience becomes possible.
Also, this voice is designed to be more effective the more you listen to it, so please listen to it again and again.

Limited time sale 6,600 JPY

Credit card payment will be made using a payment service that does not leave credit card information on this site.
You can also pay by bank transfer or bitcoin, so please contact us from here for more information.

What happens when you go into hypnosis?

You can enjoy masturbation that feels good with improved sexual pleasure!

I think it’s the quickest to watch the video, but when you go into a hypnosis state, things that aren’t normal become a reality.
In this video, the bottom of the lotion bottle is linked to the subject’s anal, and just by touching the bottom of the lotion bottle, he will feel more than 100 times more sexual pleasure as if he was actually touching the anal.
The hypnotic voice created this time is designed to make masturbation the most comfortable, so we hope that you will completely release the libido and stress accumulated in the new coronavirus pandemic.

The earlier one feels the effect immediately!

催眠オナニー  体験談 口コミ 評判

Thank you very much for your reply.
I was able to purchase it without worry.
I immediately listened to it.
I’m prone to hypnosis, so when I entered the fourth stage, my body became hot and my hands were tingling.
When I pinched my nipples hard, I felt horny.
I masturbated a lot for the first time in a while while making a voice.
It was very interesting.
The more I listen, the better, right?
I’m going to use it every time from now on.

You too will regret not buying now for a limited time.

Limited time sale 6,600 JPY

Credit card payment will be made using a payment service that does not leave credit card information on this site.
You can also pay by bank transfer or bitcoin, so please contact us from here for more information.


【Must read】To those who purchased

The following is a guide for those who have purchased.
It is very important to follow the preparation and usage.


It is recommended when you are calm, such as before going to bed.
It is recommended to dim the room brightness or turn off the lights.
As your body will lose strength, it is recommended that you lie down on a bed to listen.
There is enough room for the limbs not to hit the walls or furniture.
The volume of the voice should be a little low.

What happens while you’re hypnotized?

Some people sometimes imagine that when hypnosis is applied, they suddenly stand up and start dancing or move around violently, but please be assured that this will not happen when you hear this voice.
Listening to the voice often makes you sleepy and goes into a hypnotic state, but you do not lose consciousness, lose your memory, or lose your willpower.
You are conscious and able to understand your surroundings, so when you have something to do that you have to wake up on the way, you can wake up normally and get the job done.
If you stop the voice in the middle, please listen again from the beginning.

Reasons to continue for a few days.

After all, improving sexual pleasure is not easy at all, and it is often better to do it face-to-face.
If you want to maximize the effect, you need to hypnotize for 2 to 3 hours at a time, 2 to 3 times.
When it comes to doing it only by voice, it’s easy to imagine that something is needed.
If you are prone to hypnosis, or if you have been hypnotized by Toya once, there is a high possibility that you will be able to hear everything and experience comfort at the first time. However, if you have never received proper full-fledged hypnosis, it is recommended that you listen to it for a few days as instructed.

Is there anyone who can’t be hypnotized?

When you watch TV, you may see some people who are hypnotized and some who are not.
Hypnosis has a susceptibility to it, which varies greatly from person to person.
Among those who are familiar with hypnosis, it is said that if there are 10 people, 2 people will take it easily, about 6 people will take it reasonably well, and the other 2 people will take it badly.
However, any normal person will definitely enter a shallow hypnosis state, and repeated hypnosis will improve the ease of getting it, so it is recommended to try it several times.

How to use hypnotic voice

First of all, you will be asked to take the following hypnosis susceptibility diagnostic test.
Listen to the hypnotic voice according to the test results.

Hypnosis susceptibility diagnostic test

Please answer yes or no.

  1. Have you been reading a book and forgot the time and got hooked?
  2. Is there a drama that you watch every week?
  3. Have you ever joined a talent fan club?
  4. Have you been to the cinema at least once a month?
  5. Is your bathing time long?
  6. Do you make long calls for more than an hour at least once a month?
  7. Have you ever had a romantic feeling with a non-existent person such as a manga or a novel?
  8. Do you have a hobby of drawing?
  9. Have you ever visited a “delicious restaurant” featured in magazines?
  10. Have you ever spent more than 100 US dollar at a time at a casino?
  11. Have you ever been effective with diet foods purchased online or at pharmacies?
  12. Have you ever been to a concert of your favorite artist?
  13. Are you not good at getting up at regular times every morning?
  14. Do you drink or smoke every day?
  15. Have you ever traveled alone?
  16. Don’t you hate staying in a cafe for a long time?
  17. Do you like novels better than essays?
  18. Do you often stay at home on your days off?
  19. Have you ever found hypnosis on a TV show interesting?
  20. Do you often realize that a restaurant that has a good reputation is a delicious restaurant?


Depending on the number of answers you answered YES, please listen to the audio as follows.

20 to 15 pieces
The first day is the “first stage”, the second day is the “second stage”, and the third day is the “third stage”
Please listen to the voice one step each day.

14 to 8 pieces
Listen to the same voice as “1st stage” on the 1st and 2nd days, and “2nd stage” on the 3rd and 4th days, 2 days each.

7 to 0 pieces

Listen to the same voice as “1st stage” from the 1st to the 3rd day, and “2nd stage” from the 3rd to the 6th day, 3 days each.

This is just a guide, so if you feel that it is difficult for you to take it, you can listen to the same voice every 3 days without any problem.

How to use the voice of “4th stage”

If you listen to the 3rd stage and feel the effect, we will make it so that you can enjoy hypnotic masturbation just by listening to the “4th stage”, so after that you can just listen to the “4th stage”.
It is recommended that you listen from the third stage if you are getting worse or if you are looking for further effects.

To improve the effect even a little

  • Even for the same person, it is more effective if you are relaxed and relaxed without any stiffness or tension such as stretching or massaging.
  • When you listen to the voice, close your eyes, but it’s best to close your eyes lightly without closing them tightly, and leave your mouth open enough to open your mouth a little without clenching your back teeth.
  • The more you relax your whole body, the more effective hypnosis will be.
  • Try to relax as much as possible.
  • The slower you breathe, the easier it is to relax.
  • Also, when listening to the voice, it is desirable to pay attention to the voice in a passive and relaxed mood.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.

To make you feel better

In the case of masturbation, I think that many people watch videos, but for hypnotic masturbation, it is best to watch videos of hypnotic sex.
When you watch the video of Kumao’s hypnotic sex, the suggestive words of Kumao that are released as appropriate make it easier for you to feel more realistic and feel as if you are having sex with Kumao.


The sensitivity of the nipple increases, and the whole body trembles just by touching it.

Would you like to improve your sexual pleasure with hypnosis and have a pleasant experience?

Limited time sale 6,600 JPY

Credit card payment will be made using a payment service that does not leave credit card information on this site.
You can also pay by bank transfer or bitcoin, so please contact us from here for more information.


Face to face hypnosis can be even more effective!

As with the hypnotic muscle training voice, it is also possible to add or enhance the effect of the subsequent hypnotic voice by inducing the hypnotic state to the deepest point once face to face.

It is possible to make fine adjustments such as making it impossible to ejaculate within 10 minutes if you ejaculate too quickly, increasing the sensitivity of the nipple, and further improving anal masturbation comfort.

We strongly recommend face to face hypnosis for those who hear the sound and feel the effect.


Below is a story of User experience


I heard the 4th stage.
When I was listening while relaxing in the first half, my head became fluffy from the second half and I couldn’t stand the pant voice because I felt comfortable just by touching my body.
It felt better than my usual masturbation, so when I ejaculated, it seemed like it was a waste.


Thank you for your purchase and always.
I’m glad that you enjoyed masturbation that feels good at home.
The more you listen, the more effective it will be, and I’ll add that it will make you feel more comfortable the next time you meet.


I already attended this GAY SAIMIN, so I heard from the 4th stage.
I started listening in a situation where I was half sleepy, so I was absorbed in it when my heartbeat became faster on the way.
Just ejaculated when I finished listening to the voice even though I wanted to enjoy it longer.
I enjoyed it twice in the same way, but I listened to it with my iPhone in my ear both times, so next time I decided to use earphones and watch videos or change the situation.

Thank you for your purchase and always.
As expected, you are stable and prone to hypnosis.
Also, when we meet you this month, I will suggest that you will not be able to ejaculate immediately and you will be able to enjoy a pleasant time for a long time!
Thank you.


I listen to hypnosis voices every day.
I was interested in hypnosis, but I was skeptical.
As I listened to it, I felt like I was losing power, and suddenly I felt horny, and I felt that this was hypnosis.
I would like to listen more and more so that I can masturbate comfortably.


Thank you for your purchase.
After all, everyone has no experience at first, so I think it’s hard to believe.
Well, the more you listen to it, the more effective it will be, so I hope you will enjoy it.
Thank you.

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